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D-SENS - Oscillator EP
Cat. No.: ASREP008
Release Date: 05.30. 2011
Format: Digital

Artwork: Kaa 

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Supported by:
Sharam, Piatto, Sander Kleinenberg, Jalebee Cartel, Deepfunk, Gunther & Stamina, Cid Inc, Fiord, vinayak^a,
Sasha Le Monnier, Gerardo Boscarino, James Warren.

Air Snare Records is back again with a fresh release, D-Sens, Oscillator EP.
Mat is an electronic music producer evolving across few projects and monikers; D-Sens being his main solo project, consisting in a high-tech-glitchy sound. Having successfully released a huge amount of soundtracks on highly respected labels such as Open records, Beef, Pure Perception, Rococo, and many more.

The Original mix By D-Sens “Oscillator” is a techy anthem with a bouncy bass and crispy sounds that is going to set dancefloors on fire for sure. It has these crystal clear sounds shooting several hundred breaths per minute into the people’s heart at very small bits, oscillating between madness and euphoria.

The remix by Kaa is a mental techno drive version. It has got rolling-pulse-loops,
topped with a hard punchy kick keeping the groove alive. Overall it’s a feeling of a spaced-out ambience that will take the crowd to another level.
This EP is designed to set madness on the dancefloor and should stay in the dj’s secret weapon stash bag for quite some time.

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